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Assembled in the USA Also known as a conservatory, solarium, greenhouse, glass room, winter garden, Florida room, etc., are built to provide protection from weather and other natural elements in residential and commercial outdoor spaces. Our sunrooms can offer a 4-season enclosure and generally speaking, they are installed with no alteration to the existing construction therefore building permit is not required. All components of our sunrooms are industrially produced using the highest quality materials with cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing safety, style, and long life as a result.

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Kenny Couillard
Kenny Couillard

West Islip / New York

"When I saw the pergola, I thought, this is great, it is a railing and awning at the same time! We now have an extra room when the weather gets rainy, windy, or buggy. I would definitely recommend it to friends or anyone who came to my house. "

Claudia Amboos
Claudia Amboos

Westchester / New York

"I did this project for a client, I am a designer. After research, estimates, and a thorough review of references of 4 other companies that do this type of pergola, I chose you guys. We were totally focused on the louvered system that has lights and can be opened or closed to exact shading preferences. I would certainly recommend it to other clients. It adds value by adding a room to your house that you can use all year long."

Joseph Settepani
Joseph Settepani

Bruno’s Bakery / New York

"The beautiful thing about the pergola is that it gives a different look of outdoor space. It kind of makes you feel like you’re a little bit in Europe. So when I go I sit out there on my lunch break and everything and I see customers sitting out there it kind of just reminds me of being somewhere in the Mediterranean."